1) You will not be signed into a binding Contract, therefore you have the right to cancel at any given time.

2) The unlimited Style Hive Club can only be used by the client who has purchased the Clubs benefits, meaning that the benefits can not be passed to a friend or family member to use.  Unless you purchase the family club membership.

3) All memberships will require a photo for our database.  This will be allocated to the your Club reference number.  We require this is to prevent clients giving their membership card to another person.

4) We reserve the right to refuse colour if we feel that excess usage of chemical services has been exceeded.  This will be in the clients best interest to prevent damage to any hair. The condition of your hair will always be our main priority.

5) Services which are included in each membership are stated  on the 'info' page of our website.  Our Colour services will not include the following:-

  • ombre;
  • balayage;
  • colour change;
  • full head of highlight;
  • treatments
  • colour correction.

6) We also offer a "save the Whales recycle membership".  With this membership you will need to purchase a full priced bottle of shampoo and conditioner.   Once the bottles are empty, you will need to bring them back into the salon where we will refill them at no cost.  Please note that each bottle will be marked with a code for us to track and to eliminate misuse of any-form.

7) If a membership is purchased after the 5th of the month and wish to activate the service straight away you must pay an additional one off payment of £50 to enable you to use the benefits immediately.

8) We reserve the rights to revoke/freeze any membership at any time if you misuse/abuse your membership or abuse any employee within the salon.  This will result in a reasonable suspension.  Note that you will still be charge if your membership is frozen.

9) David Rae Salons professionals will always have the final say in all circumstances.

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